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Since our humble beginnings as a group of UNT students yearning for some circuit boards and wheels to jerry-rig into a new friend, we have made a name for ourselves by growing into a large student organisation

Our mission is to inspire and teach people the skills to achieve their goals in robotics. We provide our members with the opportunities to learn, create and grow. Through hands-on workshops, an open workspace and competitions, we aim to give our members the educational and career opportunities outside of what engineering students obtain in the classroom. We welcome people of all skill levels.

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Check out our guides for getting started with the components we commonly use in robotics.


Come learn a valuable new skill, such as CAD or microcontroller programming.


Access our GitHub full of pre-written libraries and cool projects that we've compiled over the years.


Our starter competition for newcomers to the field to get hands on with our annual competition.


Get involved in our recreational robotics projects, everything from a self-driving sofa to a racecar dashboard.


Finding all of this too easy? Dive into the nitty-gritty by competing in inter-collegiate robotics with us.