UNT Robotics works to help the students of UNT

Our main goal is hosting meetings that educate our members and give them opportunities. To meet that goal, we’ve brought out several companies across disciplines such as L3, RoboKind, and StandardUser CyberSecurity. These companies were chosen because they fit the major demographics of our organization: Mechanical, Biomedical, and computer science/engineering.

In addition to these companies coming out, we also host workshops that teach how robotics work. They, like most of our general meetings, are open to all. These workshops taught our members from the basics of electronics all the way up to using Bluetooth communication to control robotics.

UNT Robotics works with other organizations

UNT Robotics has collaborated with the Society of Automotive Engineers where we are building their dash and assisting with their wiring harness.

UNT Robotics has hosted a meeting in collaboration with American Society of Mechanical Engineers where Bell Flights (Formerly Bell Helicopters) came out to talk.

UNT Robotics provided membership boosts and volunteers to Engineering United for HackUNT. We also hosted a meeting open to everyone where we discussed the best way to win a Hackathon.

UNT Robotics worked with Kappa Delta Pi, an education honor society, to host a STEM education workshop for future teachers where we discussed the Engineering portion of STEM. We taught programming using Scratch, gear ratios using LEGO, and computer structure and design using skits.

Inter-collegiate Competitions

Our collegiate team just came back from a competition in Louisiana where we competed in the IEEE R5 Autonomous Rover competition where we were commended for our mechanical engineering prowess.


UNT Robotics also hosts a 12 hour Hackathon for robotics. It is on April 27th. We expect around 60 people to attend. It is intended to be an intro to robotics for anyone who wants to attend.